UberX, Uber Phone Number

One may wonder what Uber is. It is a transport company, which investors are Benchmark, Goldman Sachs, First Round, Menlo, Lowercase Capital and Google Ventures. In 2009 Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp created their own small transport company. It was named Uber. The field of its activity was only in San  Francisco, in its part called Bay Area. California has become a cradle of this future transport colossus. Uber has sweepingly upscaled its global reach since. The company is represented in almost 60 countries and about 300 cities in different parts of the globe.

Uber application was released next summer after its foundation. There are applications of the same name for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone, which connect riders and drivers of this company in online environments. One can download it free of charge. The account is created by entering a name, an E-mail and the banking card information.

Finding drivers for riders through its apps, the company makes rides more available and unveils new opportunities for the riders. Comfort, punctuality and reliability are Uber principal policy. Uber doesn’t own any cars. For this reason it has no fuel and maintenance charges. It makes your ride cheaper.

Primordially Uber was created as Uber cab service. Only drivers with luxury cars could participate in this project. They drove Cadillacs, Lincolns, Mercedes-Benzes, BMWs and the cars of similar category.  It went upscale very fast and soon Uber regional offices appeared in all important cities in the USA and Europe.

Some business ideas Uber adopted from its business rivals Sidecar and Lyft, in particular, the idea of ride sharing. With this purpose in mind UberX was set up for those riders who have no stomach for overpaying for unnecessary chic. They also could split fare with their fellow riders. This event led to decreasing Uber limo drivers’ earnings and they were disappointed in this idea.

The UberX drivers can drive non-luxury cars such as Toyota product range. Local drivers can respond the messages on the Uber application and drive the riders to the place of destination on their own cars. The rider calls the car pushing a button in his app and then is watching the running car on the map on the display of his smartphone till that moment, when it gets to him. It allows him to know, where the car is now and when it arrives to him.

One minute of the ride in an UberX car costs more than twice cheaper than the same time in an Uber Black one. UberX picking-up charge is almost four times cheaper. That’s why UberX is by far more popular than Uber Black.

A driver does not handle any payments, all they are carried out through Uber, and it acts as the metered taxis in this case. The price is figured on distance basis in the cities, where the speed of a car can be high, and on time basis if not. The fare is taken out from client’s banking card. A receipt is forwarded to customer’s e-mail fully automatic. You have to think twice before calling because you may be charged a good deal of money for the cancellation of your order.

Uber can increase prices watching supply and demand at the market, for example, on Christmas, on New Year’s Day and so on. Uber always let their customers know about it beforehand. It is called “surge pricing”. It may happen not only because of holidays, but as a result of bad weather states, storms or acts of nature, importing social events and it often upsets customers and leads to the criticism of their part. Uber even got an “F” rating, given by Better Business Bureau in 2014 owing to the numerous complaints of its customers about unreasonably high price. There was a case in Uber practice when the rates exceeded seven times its normal charges. No wonder it caused customers’ outrage.  “Surge pricing” has its advantages and shortcomings. Many drivers are attracted by an increased riders’ demand, but the demand itself is reduced.

Clients and drivers in Uber can rate each other using Uber app. If the client has a low rating it may be direct cause for limitation the service availability and comfort for him.

To work for Uber the applicant has to be of appropriate age, state of health and able to drive well. In some cities candidates have to pass a background check.  The drivers are cooperating with Uber as self-sustaining contractors, they are partners in other words. They have to satisfy a certain standard of behavior and service and Uber does much work in that direction. Its drivers are more qualified and well-mannered compared with those ones from traditional yellow cabs. Uber pick-up times also cannot be compared with those of taxis.

You can communicate with an Uber driver through the relevant application to make address more accurate, specify the time and so on. It is more convenient, than to repeat your order information to a dispatcher several times. To steer clear of every possible nuisance, try to save Uber driver’s telephone number, when respective application put through you with him, making your request “to call a driver”. It will be not his personal mobile telephone number, but it will help you to get in contact with the Uber X driver in case of need.

Uber concerns about their clients’ privacy and that’s why they came to a determination to keep Uber clients and drivers’   telephone numbers hidden. After ending the ride, an Uber driver has no case to place a phone call to his client, thus Uber protects their clients from solicitation, importunity, sexual harassments, Paul Pryism, rudeness and other undesirable side actions.

The best way to get UberX customer support service point across to you is to make a request with http://support.uber.com/hc/en-us/requests/new, since they do not answer those phone numbers given on the respective web-sites.

By now the direct real-time contact number of Uber customer support service doesn’t exist. There is no possibility to call a number such as 1-800-000-000. If you want to decide some point, just go to the page using the link. Choose from the menu, click on its choice and then wait for a dial-back. They can also give you assistance through an e-mail message or texts from their short number. You may need help in case of missing some personal item in the Uber’s car or if you want to get in contact with its driver.

How to contact directly UberX customer service? You have to open the Uber application, find the Profile Icon, click it and choose “History”. There you can find the line “The ride you need help for”. Click it and then you will see the caption “Need help?” Go to the page and describe your situation, providing the true information on your latest ride.

The customers for the most part are satisfied with Uber car handling, but their customer support service leaves much to be desired. It is the main Uber problem now, because the customer support service operates long and inconvenient for its clients. It is doubtful whether the riders like waiting for a long time to get information about their forgotten items or solve some problem having emerged during a ride. If Uber could improve this situation, the number of its enthusiasts would increased considerably.

The referred to above way of getting Uber support for the client is the optimum solution of his problem.

There are some helpful tips on the subject of how to call UberX or Uber Black:

  1. Uber app cannot always detect you location correctly. Try to identify your spin-pointing as particularly as possible.
  2. If you are in the downtown, where there are often one-way traffic and compact planning, and the driver has to get by a whole block to turn, call or text him to let him drive in necessary direction and diminish picking-up time.
  3. To avoid making of traffic congestion, stand at the convenient for the driver place. You should mind that there are forbidden halting points and the driver will move on farther in that case. Don’t make him ply, especially if the time rate is applied in your city.

The several words concerning Uber insurance policy will not be irrelative. In January, 2015 Uber declared the partnership with Metromile. This company has worked out the special insurance product for using Uber platform drivers. Uber provides $ 1, 000,000,000 business liability policy from starting a ride by its driver and till the end of a trip.

When a driver has his app on but does not drive the car in a trip, Uber supplies possible insurance coverage of $50,000 for bodily injury, and $25,000 coverage  for belongings damage as for a driver’s personal auto insurance policy  does not cover anything during this time. These arrangements provide uninterrupted insurance coverage for both drivers and passengers.

The Uber safety standards are high and it isn’t necessary to be in a flurry making a passage with this transportation company. It excels many taxi companies in grade of service and customer care.